Precast Concrete Service Markers

  • Precast Concrete Markers are used for marking the position of underground services like cables and pipes.
  • Concrete is maintenance free, inexpensive and strong
  • Save the frustration of locating underground services and invest in Vantone's Precast Concrete Markers

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Type 1 Marker

Suitable for marking any underground service. Four standard letter inscriptions are immediately available. See below. Shown on the left is a Type 1 Marker with a "W" inscription.

Concrete: 25MPa unreinforced

Base: 300mm x  75mm
Top: 220mm x 75mm
Height: 900mm
Weight: 43kg

Prod. code P2-1601/W Inscription "W" (e.g. for water pipe)
Prod. code P2-1601/C Inscription "C" (e.g. for cable)
Prod. code P2-1601/V Inscription "V" (e.g. for valve)
Prod. code P2-1601/H Inscription "H" (e.g. for hydrant)

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Type 2 Marker

This marker has a blank oval-shaped concrete patch to which the customer may fix a marking plate or paint on.

Concrete: 25MPa unreinforced

Base: 300mm x 130mm
Top: 200mm x 80mm
Height: 650mm
Weight: 41kg

Product code P2-1602

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Type 3 Marker

This marker is equipped with a cast-in blank aluminium plate for site punching and indented lettering above it. The one show has a "CTMM W" imprint, signifying City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality Water Pipe.
Imprint lettering can be custom ordered. The larger the order, the more economical.

Concrete: 30MPa reinforced

Base: 200mm x 100mm
Top: 100mm x 100mm
Height: 1300mm
Visible label plate size: 80mm x 80mm
Weight: 47kg

Product code P2-1610 Blank
Product code P2-1610/1 COT (City of Tshwane imprint)
Product code P2-1610/2 MLM (Magalies Local Municipality imprint)
Product code P2-1610/3 JW (Johannesburg Water imprint)
Product code P2-1610/4 CTMM (City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality imprint)

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Type 4 Marker Post

Tall Marker Post for good visibility in tall grass and other obstacles.

Lettering is indented into the front face. Examples are: "SEWER" and "WATER". Any lettering is possible within reason and made to order. Please ask for a quote.

Size: 100mm x 100mm cross section, slightly tapered
Height: Any height possible up to 1.5m high
Weight: 36kg for a 1.5m Post

Product code P2-1611/W with "WATER" lettering 1.5m long 36kg
Product code P2-1611/S with "SEWER" lettering 1.4m long 34kg

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Type 5 Service Marker

High specification route marker for optic fibre cables and other underground services. Can be ordered with printed label plates or without label plates.
Dimensions: 150mm x  100mm x 1.5m long
Concrete: 30 MPa
Reinforcing: 4Y8 + R6 stirrups
Weight: 54kg

Product code:
P2-1616/0  Type 5 Marker 1.5m long without printed labels
P2-1616/D  Type 5 Marker 1.5m long with printed DFA labels
P2-1616/V  Type 5 Marker 1.5m long with printed Vodacom labels

Labels: 3 off Anodised Aluminium Printed UV-resistant,
Plate sizes: 200 x 90mm, 100 x 75mm, 90 x 40mm

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Type 6 Marker Post

Medium Tall Marker with Punchable Label Plate Cast into Top of Marker
Dimensions: 150mm square top to at least 230mm square base x at least 1000mm high
Concrete: 30 MPa
Reinforcing: 4Y8 + R6 stirrups
Label Plate: 1.6mm Aluminium visible size ±100 x 100mm 

Product code:
P2-1618  Type 6 1000mm Tall x 230x230 Base

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Beacon Marker Post 2m Tall

Tall Marker with Punchable Label Plate cast in near top of post.
Dimensions: Enlarged base 500x500x150mm. Total height 2190mm. Top size 150x150mm.
Weight: ±270kg
Concrete: 30 MPa.
Reinforcing: 4Y10 plus stirrups.
Label Plate: 1.6mm Aluminium visible size ±60x50mm left blank for site punching.

Magalies Water indented writing.

Optional Extras:
- Engraving of Label Plates
- Indented Lettering or Logo
- Painting of Marker Posts

Product code:
P2-1613  Beacon Marker 2m Tall

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Fibre Optic Cable Marker Block

Economical markers block with a useful recess where user may attach a label plate.

Concrete: 25MPa unreinforced

Size: 300mm x 300mm top
Thickness: 100mm
Weight: 22kg

Product code P2-1615


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Conical Marker

Economical conical shaped Marker with punchable label plate. 

Concrete: 25MPa unreinforced or reinforced.

Size: 150mm x 150mm top, 205mm x 205mm bottom
Height: 250mm
Weight: 19kg

80mm x 80mm Aluminium label plate cast into top to be punched by user.

Product code P4-7093/2 unreinforced
Product code P4-7093/2R reinforced


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Eskom DDT 8012 Marker

Standard Marker to Eskom drawing number D-DT-8012 sheet 2. 

Concrete: 25MPa unreinforced.

Size: 150mm x 150mm top, 220mm x 220mm bottom
Height: 300mm
Weight: 26kg
Label Plate: 2mm aluminium, nominal size 100x100mm epoxied to recess in top of Marker. Plate is left blank for field punching by contractor.

Product code P2-1620

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For all underground services

Dimensions: 150mm x 70mm x 1.3m long
Concrete: 30 MPa
Reinforcing: 1 x Y20
Weight: 21kg
Recess for Label: 1 off 200 x 100mm suitable for plate.
Plate, if ordered is blank aluminium 200x100x1.6mm epoxy glued to post.

Product code: P2-1612 Marker SAS 1.3m long without label plate
Product code: P2-1612/1 Marker SAS 1.3m long complete with blank Aluminium plate


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Sanral Marker

Stout Marker specified by SANRAL. Any wording may be punched on the plate

Size: 150mm x 150mm top, 250mm x 250mm bottom
Height: 450mm
Weight: 46kg

80mm x 80mm Aluminium plate cast into top to be punched by user
May be ordered reinforced or unreinforced.

Product code P4-7093 for unreinforced
Product code P4-7093/1 for reinforced

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Transnet or Eskom Cable Marker

Cable Marker based on Transnet drawing no. CEE-PK-14.

Size: 160mm x 76mm top, 170mm x 127mm base
Height: 450mm
Weight: 18.5kg

Reinforced with R6 reinforcing rod protruding 150mm from base.
Lettering indented in top "Cable/Kabel" and "Transnet" or "Eskom".

Product code P4-8006/T ... marked "Transnet"
Product code P4-8006/E ... marked "Eskom"


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Chainage Marker Post

Gautrans Department of Roads and Transport precast concrete Chainage Marker Post with individual numbers as ordered.

Size: 250mm x 250
mm x 250mm nominal three sides
Height: 600mm
Weight: 40kg

Numbers: Full kilometers or decimals on recessed background. Numbers 110mm high, raised 4mm.

May be ordered unpainted or painted. Site paint touch-ups by customer.

Product code P4-7095 for unpainted
Product code P4-7095/P for painted


Example of custom made Marker.


Custom Markers

It is Vanstone's business to manufacture markers and other products to the our Customers' specifications.

Any shape or size.

Writing can be indented or protruding.
Aluminium label plates can be cast in. Plates can be blank, sign-writed or engraved.

Post may be partially or fully painted.

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