Protection Slabs

Precast Concrete Protection Slabs

  • Precast Concrete Protection Slabs are used on top of vulnerable cables, conduits, ducts and pipes to protect them against accidental mechanical damage.
  • Concrete is maintenance free, inexpensive and strong.
  • Save the frustration of accidental damage to services and install Vantone's Concrete Protection Slabs.

See also Precast Concrete Service Markers.

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Cable Protection Slab

Use to protect electric cables, optic fibre cables, water pipes and other vulnerable underground services. Bury just on top of cable with selected material in-between or just under the topsoil layer.

900mm x 300mm x 75mm
Weight: 46kg

Product code P2-2301 - Unreinforced
Product code P2-2301/1 - Reinforced to DFA Specification

1000 x 300 x 60mm thick

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Vanstone's Cable Guard precast concrete protection slabs are economical and have a fast production time. Because it has no reinforcing there is no danger of corrosion underground and loss of strength.

Concrete: 25Mpa semi-dry compacted machine made.
Finish: The finish is press-textured and suitable for underground use.

Packaging: Supplied in wrapped packets of 26.

1m Long:
Product code P1-9001
Size: 1000mm x 300mm x 60mm thick
Mass 40kg