Storm water kerb inlets / catch pits

Vanstone produces three types of kerb inlets as used currently and historically by local authorities in the greater Tshwane area. The "Tshwane-type" is currently specified while the "Pretoria-type" is from the previous era. The "Akasia-type" was used in the Akasia area north of Pretoria. For the "Tshwane-type", Vanstone produces Cover Slabs and Steel Support Rails to order.

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Tshwane-type Pretoria-type

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Precast Concrete Cover Slabs (square and splayed) supported on Steel Rail in front and on site-built bottom chamber at the back.


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Rigid U-sections installed end-to-end on their sides. No removable covers. As specified by the CCP. Units made to order for maintanance purposes.


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Unequal channel sections installed end-to-end with a steel rail and loose cover slabs.