Photo credit: Brolaz   Photo credit: Brolaz

Figure 7.1 Precast Concrete Kerbs for Base Station Boundries:

  • * All visible surfaces smooth and all visible corners chamfered
  • * Made to fence module of 1m including a 15mm joint.

    Fig 7.1 Kerb

    Standard fig. 7 cross section but shorter for joint and with chamfered edges.
    Length: 985mm (module 1.0m)
    Mass: 101 kg
    Prod. no.: P4-7090


    External Corner Piece

    To suit fig. 7 and to accommodate fencing corner post.
    Size: 210.5 x 210.5mm in plan
    Mass: 29 kg
    Prod. no.: P4-7090/1


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    Credit: Brolaz for co-development of the product with Vanstone.

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