Slotted Drains

Slotted drains are semi-underground drainage conduits with a cavity inside and a slot to the surface. The slot collects storm water that is drained away by means of the cavity within the Slotted Drain. Placed end-to-end, the cavities line up and work like a pipe.

 Slot Drains Slotted Pipe Drains Slot Pipe Drains

Advantages of Slotted Drains:

  • It is laid flush with the surface and, as opposed to an open channel or dish, causes no disturbance to wheel or pedestrian movement.
  • Very effective and even drainage by means of the long slot.
  • No grids, catch pits or separate storm water pipes.
  • No clogging up with large objects entering the pipe.


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Slotted Drain 150 Diameter


High strength reinforced concrete.
Size: 260mm x 260mm x 1000mm long
Cavity (pipe) size: 150mm diameter
Slot size: 20mm continuous
Mass: ±119kg per 1.0m length

Design load (ultimate): Static wheel load across the slot: 200kN

Prod. no.: P2-0650