Pizza Oven: The Insulation Blanket

13. Installing the Rock Wool Blanket

Just as the vermiculite bricks insulate the oven floor, the rock wool blanket is important for insulating the oven over the dome to protect it from heat loss.

Caution: Take care when handling rock wool or similar products like glass wool. It is made of sharp-pointed fine volcanic rock fibre. It is not asbestos that has health consequences but, if handled carelessly, rock wool can leave you very itchy. A few precautions: Wear a long sleeved shirt, long pants, gloves and a dust filter. Do not over-handle the rock wool, do not throw it, bash it or tear it. It can be cut with good domestic scissors.


  • The rock wool blanket relies on the space between the fibres for good insulation. For best performance, the fibres must not be compacted or solidified by wet cement mixes.
  • Make sure the whole of the dome is covered. Surplus corners and edges may be trimmed off and used to patch up awkward places like around the chimney. Use packaging tape to hold the blanket in position while you are working.

Once the blanket is installed, covering the dome as well as possible and held in position, you are ready to proceed with the outer structure. By now you must know what type of outer structure you are going to use. If it is a box-house that is not supported by the dome, the blanket may be left as is. You may even fill it up with loose vermiculite or other light insulating material to improve it further.

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