Pizza Oven: Plastering the Dome

14. Plastering the Dome

Important: This is only required for a dome-type

For the dome structure, care needs to be taken with the insulation blanket as the dome is usually plastered over the Vanstone dome and is supported by it. The challenge here is to not compress the blanket too much.

The following are suggested:

  • Cover the blanket as installed with a sturdy galvanized mesh like chicken mesh to support the plaster.  Prop the mesh with spacer pegs installed through the blanket at regular distances. Use say, 6mm steel pegs 60mm long. Bore these trough the blanket perpendicular to the dome surface underneath and tie the mesh to it with thin binding wire.
  • Place the Door Arch into position and note how it is going to fit against the door opening. Mark and remove the arch and put aside for later fitment. Read more about the door arch hereunder.
  • Use a two coat plaster of which the first coat must be dry-ish so that it will sit on the mesh and not run through it. Make sure the mesh does not compact the blanket. Pack it by hand and spread it evenly over the surface about 20mm thick. Use a wooden float and do not smooth it over. It will not look very pretty at this stage. Allow the plaster to harden and gain strength for at least a day.
  • Wet the first coat with water and apply a final coat of ordinary plaster. Finish it smoothly and neatly around the chimney and along all edges. Cover it with plastic to protect it against drying out - for seven days if it is in direct sun light.

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