Cape Quarry Tiles


Guidelines for Installation:

Use a thick tile bed; preferably topping and cement slush. Bed and level properly. Lay tiles with ample joints in between, at least 15mm but up to 20mm to accommodate size variations. All tiles are pre-sealed with Aqueous Sealer by Samson. This reduces the possibility of staining during laying and grouting. Grout with plain or coloured mortar and wipe all excess away with a wet sponge. After drying, another coat of Aqueous Sealer may be applied strictly to manufacturers instructions. Traditional clear Cobra Wax can also be used.

Cape Quarry Tiles are faithful concrete reproductions of old handmade clay tiles and are inherently imperfect - uneven, cracked, textured and variable in colour. All of this make your floor come alive with rustic character.

You are encouraged to use patterns, twin colours, triangles, inlays. Be as creative as possible.


290 x 290 Terra Cotta