Garden edgings

Garden edgings are suitable for pathways, driveways, lawn and bedding edges or any lanscaping application. Garden edgings are available in a variety of colours or can be made in any special colour that the customer requires. Garden edgings combine particularly well with Vanstone's natural rock paving including Avalon flag stones and cobbles.

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Rope Edge
Straight: 600Lx190Hx75mmW
Product no. P3-3501
Corner: 160 x 160mm
Product no. P3-3503  

Piped Edge
Straight: 600Lx190Hx75mmW
Product no. P3-3502
Corner: 220 x 220mm
Product no. P3-3504  
Key Kerb
Straight: 600Lx130Hx75-130mmW 19kg Product no. P3-3503
Short: Not available  
Soldier Stone
Straight: 390Lx140Hx160mmW
Product no. P3-3804
Short: Not available  

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