Precast Concrete Berms are used in the place of kerbs on hard surfaces like in parking garage floors. It does the same work as a Kerb would do elsewhere. The Berms are mounted on top of the hard surface (usually a concrete slab) instead of into it and are therefore lower in profile. 

Vanstone presently has casting moulds for some berm types but any shape and size may be ordered. Request Quotation.



Berm 85mm x 110mm

85mm high with slanted front

Top 100mm
Base 110mm
Height: 85mm
Length: 1.0m

Product code: P2-1230


Berm 170mm x 180mm

170mm high with semi-mountable face. It may also be inverted to be 180mm high.

Top 75mm
Base 180mm
Height: 170mm
Lengths: 1.0m and 330mm

Product code: P2-1231

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