Pizza Oven: The Door Arch and Landing

15. The Door Arch

This work may commence as soon as the plastering is done: even if it is still wet. Protect the plaster from drying out.

Bring the arch into position making sure it is plumb and symmetrical. It is meant to stand on the same level as the concrete door section. You may need to space it up with ordinary bricks to get the inside of the arch soffit to line up with the concrete door soffit. Join the arch to the oven with brick mortar. Make sure all gaps are filled around the arch and also underneath. Join neatly to the plaster and floor and leave finished and clean. Prop in position if necessary and allow mortar to gain strength. Keep the arch clean throughout and wipe any mortar off with a damp sponge.

16. The Landing

The landing is an extension of the oven floor in front of the door. It may be built with bricks and mortar to the size that suits you and plastered to the same level as the oven floor. It can also be tiled or mosaic-tiled as you prefer. Any hard durable surface will work.


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