Type 2A Concrete Manhole Cover




Vanstone's Type 2A Concrete Manhole Covers were developed to replace old type 2A cast iron covers. The old cast iron covers are constantly being removed and sold as scrap metal.

Vanstone's Type 2A Covers are unique and have the following features:

  • It can be dropped directly into the old built-in cast iron frame without any adjustments or reconstruction necessary. It fits snugly and the top surface is flush with that of the frame.
  • It has high load bearing capacity and can be used in the roadway.
  • It is made of concrete with only some mild steel visible and heavy at 100kg. This makes it entirely unattractive for selling as scrap metal.
  • It can be paired with a galvanised steel rim-and-seat supplied by Vanstone. This is mostly used in slabs cast by Vanstone. The rim-and-seat makes it possible to use the Vanstone Type 2A Concrete Cover for new installations where its load bearing and anti-theft features are required.
  • Also available is a concrete Frame or spacer ring including the steel rim-and-seat for building in or to lift it up off the top surface if required.
  • Economy. The price of the Vanstone Type 2A Concrete Cover with Frame compares favourably with that of the cast iron cover and frame

Vanstone Type 2A Concrete Cover cast into a new slab using Vanstone's galvanised rim-and-seat. Clear opening ±590mm


  • High strength reinforced concrete;
  • Seat is steel on steel for high abrasion resistance;
  • Steel rim for protection against chipping off around the concrete Cover and rim-and seat on the inside of the concrete Frame;
  • All steel including the reinforcing is hot dipped galvanised for the Cover. For the Frame the rim-and-seat is galvanised:
  • Two lifting slots lined with galvanised steel is cast in.

Product Codes and Information:

Cover only
P2-1575/1 Concrete Cover only type 2A 627mm dia x 150mm thick, ±100kg c/w steel protection rim and lifting boxes.

Frame only
P2-1575/6 Concrete Ring Frame (no Cover) 900mm diameter x 150mm thick, ±110kg c/w steel rim-and-seat.
Cover & Frame Set
P2-1575/7 Concrete Cover & Frame Set type 2A 900mm diameter x 150mm thick, ±210kg.



Direct Replacement

Replacement is necessitated by theft of the old cast iron covers, which fetch a high price as scrap metal. The Vanstone Type 2A Concrete Cover is made of high strength concrete and steel but very little of the steel is visible. It is also obvious that the steel is not cast iron but ordinary mild steel. The Concrete Cover is heavy at 100kg and difficult to carry away. To remove the steel from the concrete by chopping by hand or machine is labourious and time consuming. The whole thing is just not worth it.

The Vanstone Type 2A Concrete Cover can be dropped directly into the old cast iron frame. As long as it is a standard frame made to the old SABS code, it will fit perfectly. The top is flush with the top of the frame and does not protrude. It can therefore be used safely within any paved surface and will not cause an obstruction. Normally no adjustment, breaking, replacement of frame or building work is necessary.


New Installations

Thanks to its high load bearing capacity and its anti-theft properties, the Vanstone Type 2A Concrete Cover is also a sensible choice for new installations.

It can be paired with a galvanised steel frame supplied by Vanstone, which frame can be cast or built into a new cover slab or manhole.

It is especially suitable for roadway or industrial applications. Please remember that the surrounding support slab or structure must equally be able to handle the load. Vanstone has an engineering design and manufacture service, which will ensure the integrity of both the cover and the support structure.

A Spacer Ring used to lift the Cover up off the slab surface is available. It incorporates the steel frame ready to receive the 2A Concrete Cover.

Load Bearing Capacity

The Vanstone Type 2A Concrete Cover was developed to replace traditional cast iron 2A covers. Many of the old cast iron 2A's were installed inside the roadway with all kinds of vehicles travelling over it continuously. As such it is very strong with good load bearing capacity. The new Concrete Cover had to be strong enough to do the same work.

For the purpose of design and development, the new SANS code for covers SANS 50125 (based on Euro code EN125) was used. The approriate load class specified in the code for carraigeways of roads is Class D400, or a test load of 400kN (40 tons).

The Vanstone Type 2A Concrete Cover was engineering designed, developed and successfully tested for the 400kN load without any sign of failure.

It was realised that edges had to be protected against brittle failure and chipping. Steel linings were used for this. All steel parts in the Cover including reinforcing steel is fully hot dipped galvanised.



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