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Introduction to Permeable Paving?

Permeable paving is paving that almost immediately absorbs any rain and stormwater that falls on it and lets it through to the underground water system as would happen naturally.

Permeable paving, although not a new idea has not yet caught on in South Africa as a viable alternative to conventional paving like asphalt and concrete block paving.

Aqua Random during rain: Water infiltrates immediately

Aqualock: Strong interlock is evident


Why permeable paving?

Because it is cheaper than ordinary paving plus a stormwater collection and piping system and have the following added advantages:

  • No elaborate stormwater system - no underground pipes (or very small ones), no channels, no collection chambers, grids, kerb inlets, kerbs, no connection to local systems, no doing away into waterways, no design and no permissions;
  • Rain water is returned to the undergroud i.e. the ground water is replenished as opposed to prescious fresh water being routed to streams and rivers and down to the sea;
  • With permeable paving the water is filtered directly upon penetrating the paving in stead of it collecting dirt and pollutants off road surfaces along the way and depositing it into waterways;
  • Rain water may be harvested straight away if the paving and substructure is so designed that the absorbed water is collected underground. From here it may be pumped for use in the surrounding landscape or otherwise.

The proof is in the eating ...

Permeable paving has been in use in Germany and the EU, the UK, Australia, the USA and others for over 20 years. Its economy there is well proven and permeable paving, depending on the application, is being specified by local authorities.

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Vanstone's Offer:

A permeable paving block should perform both as a load-bearer and a water-absorber. For this the paving blocks must have good inter-lock and include sufficient openings to let the water through. When considering which permeable paving block to buy, make sure both are an inherent part of the block design.

Vanstone now offers three new Permeable Concrete Block Pavers:

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