Over the years we have found that, not us, but our Customers have the best ideas. Although some new products came from us, the best ones originated from Customers who had problems that they thought could be solved with precast concrete. These products, needless to say worked very well for those bold Customers and in many cases became standard and successful products for us too.

Please remember that concrete and especially precast concrete has many advantages over other materials. Amongst these are:

  • Concrete is cheap yet strong.
  • Concrete does not corrode like many other materials including steel and can mostly be left unpainted;
  • Concrete has no scrap value and is not being stolen to be resold. Concrete is also rather heavy and very difficult to move.
  • Concrete can be moulded to the shape required and is not restricted to commercially available sizes.

Visit our gallery of some of the special products made for customers.

Precast concrete

The advantage of precast concrete over cast-in-place concrete is in that a ready-for-use product is manufactured in a factory and delivered to the customer. The customer does not have to do his own formwork, moulds, mixing, casting and finishing off. Nor does he have to think about reinforcing or worry about design or analysis. The product is provided all inclusive. In the factory where the items are produced, the quality and production are accurately controlled.

Vanstone, in collaboration with its customers, designs and manufactures specific products according to the customers’ needs. Vanstone enjoys the challenge of developing new products and finds it exiting to see it work for the customer. Many of Vanstone’s now standard products were once such custom-developed products and now serve a wider base.


If you think that your application or problem may have a precast concrete solution, please make use of our Design & Quote Service. We would be very pleased to discuss it with you, do a provisional design and quote for the manufacture of it.