Read these important basics before you start building.


1. Well Ventilated Space:

The oven must be built in a well ventilated space. Outdoors or semi-outdoors like your patio or lapa is ideal. If you are going to build it indoors, make sure that you comply with the fire regulations for indoor fireplaces.

2. Plan for the Chimney:

Make provision and plan for the chimney. It is important that the oven “draw” effectively i.e. air must move freely through the opening via the dome to the chimney and away. Apart from this, if you don’t get rid of the smoke, your experience will be unpleasant and even bad for your health.
The chimney top should protrude above any nearby bulky structure like a wall by at least 500mm. Nearby is say two metres but the local situation must be considered for free wind movement. If the oven is indoors or under a patio roof, the chimney must lead outside and above the roof. The path should preferably be vertical all the way. If this is not possible, use as few bends as possible.

3. Insulation:

The oven must be well insulated. This goes for both the floor and the dome. Without it, heat will escape through these membranes and the oven will not maintain enough heat to function properly. Take care when handling rock wool or similar products like glass wool. It is made of sharp-pointed fine volcanic rock fibre. It has no health consequences like asbestos but, if handled carelessly, it can leave you itchy. Take a few precautions before working with rock wool: Wear a long sleeved shirt, long pants, gloves, safety goggles and a dust filter. Do not over-handle the rock wool, do not throw it, bash it or tear it. Cut it with good domestic scissors.

4. Learn How to Use Your Oven:

Learn how to use your pizza oven. It is not as straight forward as a braai. So learn the few basics and it will be easy and a pleasure for you and your family and friends to enjoy for years to come.

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