The Vanstone Family Pizza Oven Kit is a kit that enables you to build your own fully functioning pizza oven at home. The dome dimensions, flow-through and vent flue sizes and ratios are all in balance and working well. The kit provides the basic structure that allows you to complete the oven around it. For your convenience it also supplies essential materials that are usually difficult to source.

Size: The oven floor is 900mm in diameter. Depending on the sizes of the pizzas, you can cook a batch of four pizzas simultaneously. With a small fire on the side, the oven’s heat can be maintained such that many batches can be cooked one after the other. Cooking time for pizza is usually 10 – 15 minutes and this depends on the oven temperature. Obviously the oven can also be used for cooking other dishes like your favourite roasts, breads, fish bakes or roasted vegetables.

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The Vanstone Family Pizza Oven is just that: A family pizza oven. It is tried and tested for temperatures up to 280° Celcius after being well burnt in. This temperature is hotter than what most domestic ovens can do. Commercial pizza ovens are sometimes stoked to 400°C and that makes for very quick cooking times, which is obviously to their advantage. The Vanstone Family Pizza Oven is not made of kiln bricks or refractory materials and does not need to be. Baking time at a temperature of 200°C to 250°C is not more than 15 minutes and the resulting pizza is equally good.