Cable Guard Cable Protection Slab

The Vanstone Cable Guard is a newly developed precast concrete cable protection slab that is installed above cables or ducts with some selected material between slab and cable. It protects optic fibre cables, data cables, electric cables or any other sensitive services that are buried in the ground.

Trials for this sturdy precast concrete product went very well and we have full confidence in our new Cable Guard Protection Slabs. The advantages of the Cable Guard protection slabs are 1) Fast Production and 2) Economy for large quantities.


The Vanstone Cable Guard is machine made and can be produced at a tempo of up to 2000 per day at short notice. The dimensions are 1m x 300mm x 60mm thick and there is no need for reinforcing. The mass is 40kg, which means it can easily be handled by two persons. Finality on this must be obtained.

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