Transnet Grade Posts

Grade Posts are rail-side signs that indicate the gradient of the track to the driver of the locomotive.

Vanstone manufactures Grade Posts in precast concrete for Transnet and its contractors.


  • Numbers are permanently cast into the concrete and protrudes from a recessed flat background.
  • Numbers are individually cast to order. Virtually each Grade Post is unique.
  • All nine different slope combinations for left and right flags are available.
  • Numbers are painted in black against a white background or as specified. Paint is good quality external acrylic emulsion paint or as specified.
  • If required, the chainage distance - the position where each post is to be planted can be written on the back of each post.
  • Posts and flags are made of high strength reinforced concrete.
  • Concrete does not rust and is very durable except when in constant direct contact with salt spray.
  • Concrete has no scrap value and is not attractive to scrap metal thieves.


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Some examples:


Detail view of flag: