Pizza Oven: The Chimney

12. Fitting the Chimney

Supplied with the basic kit is a single 900mm length of 150mm diameter galvanised chimney pipe. This is sufficient for most outdoor applications. However read Important Basic Principles for more about chimneys and what will work best in your case.

Although you can fit your chimney now, it is probably better to do it later together with the building of the outer structure as the chimney will be supported by the outer structure.

The 150mm diameter chimney pipe sits neatly on the chimney collar above the door.

  • Place the chimney pipe into position on the collar – spline-end down.
  • Plumb the chimney with a spirit level and stay securely.
  • Fill the recess around the pipe with some brick mortar. Reinforce with chicken mesh if necessary.
  • Once the chimney pipe is fixed to the outer structure, the stays may be removed.

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