Avalon Stepping Stones

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Avalon Stepping Stones are randomly shaped (Country Lane) or round stepping stones having the popular avalon stone finish on top. You can create beautiful garden paths by making use of the natural stone colours available.

Flow Stones are uniquely shaped flexible panels having a harmonious flowing pattern ideal for swerving foot paths or circular borders.

Country Lane stepping stones
Large square Colour Prod code
Size: LxBxH
All colours P3-3401

Large rectangular Colour Prod code
Size: LxBxH
All colours P3-3402

Small square Colour Prod code
Size: LxBxH
All colours P3-3403

Round stepping stones
PR300 Colour Prod code
300dia x 50mm
All colours P3-3007

PR400 Colour Prod code
400dia x 50mm
All colours P3-3008


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