Deck slab decking slab

What are Soffit Slabs?

Soffit Slabs are starter slabs for structural reinforced concrete slabs or decks that span from wall to wall or between supporting structures.

Soffit Slabs not only serve as permanent formwork but also constitute the most important part of the structural slab, carrying the main (top and bottom) and shear reinforcement. Top and bottom bars are welded to zig-zag links, constituting a structural unit with the necessary integrity to be used as permanent formwork and for handling purposes. Soffit Slabs are designed by Vanstone's professional engineer to national standards.

Soffit Slabs are factory made precast concrete slabs with the concrete part in most cases 50mm thick and with link and top steel protruding from the surface. It comes in standard 900mm widths and in lengths to suit the application. Widths may be narrower or wider as determined by the main structure.



The Great Advantage: Get the job done!

  1. Save time on formwork and again on finishing the soffit;
  2. No need for skilled formwork artisans;
  3. Engineering design, delivery and placement available;
  4. Save money on formwork and on plastering the ceiling.


Can it work for my Application?

Soffit Slabs are ideal when:

  1. I need to save time;
  2. I don't have sufficient deck shuttering or skilled workers to do the work and I can probably save money:
  3. The span between supports is not more than 5.8m (longer spans possible);
  4. There will be adjacent access for a suitable crane - 1 ton at position.

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Soffit Slab being
placed by crane
Soffit Slabs just after placing.
Single temporary prop required
Detail of excellent
ceiling finish